“My frustration in watching worthy folk make blithering idiots of themselves in public moved me to found The Buckley School of Public Speaking.” — Reid Buckley

More than 30 years ago, Reid Buckley got the notion to use his experience as a professional speaker, writer, and debater to help corporate executives.

As a student at Yale, Reid led a championship debate team--and fine-tuned his knowledge of rhetoric and skills as an orator in the process. Reid was already a successful novelist and popular speaker on the lecture circuit when he moved from Spain back to Camden and opened The Buckley School.

The Executive Seminar debuted in 1988, combining classic public speaking training with on-your-feet practice and immediate feedback, all delivered with irreverence, a warm heart, and a sense of humor.

Through alumni referrals—and Reid’s dogged determination to rescue good people from their communication woes—the school quickly became known for helping speakers elevate their presentation skills and achieve remarkable breakthroughs.

Karen Edwards Kalutz
Jenny Maxwell

The school continues to operate using the same teaching principles on which it was founded, led by Karen Kalutz (Reid’s most trusted colleague) and Jenny Maxwell (his favorite verbal sparring partner).