June 26, 2017

Boykin: Gators, Grits & World Famous Dogs

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Even if our Buckley School students never make the 10 mile drive to Boykin, they get a taste of it: We traditionally serve cornbread and grits made with corn that was ground at the Boykin Mill

S.C. Gov. Richard Riley, in 1984, proclaimed the Boykin Spaniel the state dog.

And if you've watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, you're more familiar with another Boykin product than you may realize. Boykin Spaniels descend from dogs bred by Whit Boykin, who himself descended from the family for which this small community gets its name.

"Downtown" Boykin (photo courtesy Kershaw Co. Chamber)

Boykin claims to have 200 residents but most know it for a cluster of buildings located on the shore of, what else, Boykin Mill Pond. There you’ll find an old fashioned broom-making operation, a grist mill, a grill for getting a quick lunch, and The Mill Pond Steakhouse, a Buckley staff favorite for a more elegant meal.

A view of the steakhouse from the pond (photo courtesy The Mill Pond Steakhouse)

The large pond is home to plenty of wildlife, including a giant alligator named Old George. Reid Buckley was fond of encouraging our conferees to head to The Mill Pond Steakhouse before sunset, grab a cocktail, and step outside to watch the birds fly in.

Swift Creek Baptist Church (photo courtesy Kershaw Co. Chamber)

Just down the road from the mill pond buildings, you’ll find another building worth a look: Swift Creek Baptist Church, built in 1827. And if you happen to be in the vicinity during December, check the date for the Boykin Christmas Parade—a one of a kind experience.

The state's quirkiest Christmas Parade (photo courtesy of The Mill Pond Steakhouse)

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