Media Training

Ready to tell your story. Prepared for challenges.

Our media pros will tailor training to prepare you for any media scenario.

Getting your message across - even a positive one - can be a challenge:

Maybe you're not comfortable in the spotlight

Maybe you're using terminology that doesn't resonate with the audience

Maybe you're having trouble getting the main ideas into focus

We've prepped company executives, political leaders, athletes, entertainers, lawyers, doctors, professors, chefs, authors, and astronauts, helping them fine tune messages and feel confident delivering them ... whether that's on live TV, making a case across multiple media platforms, or facing tough questions.

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We bring a broad range of media and public relations experience to our coaching.

Our faculty members include veteran journalists, digital content producers, crisis communication professionals, television network debate moderators and more.

We'll work with you to make practice sessions as realistic as possible.

You’ll gain the communication skills to:

  • Know your key messages and how to get them across
  • Be prepared for tough questions and challenges
  • Understand who the real audience is
  • Recognize what's required of you to manage and make the most of every opportunity

Confident and Camera-Ready

More and more, companies are relying on video to share their messages independent of traditional media coverage. From new product and major business announcements to regular employee town halls, leaders need the ability to connect and communicate visually.

We can help with coaching for:

  • On-camera delivery
  • Getting your messages across using video
  • How to look your best and feel more confident

Let's see how we can help you!