Video Reviews

Gain valuable insights from our coaches any time

When you don't have time for a full day of coaching...

When traveling to one of our courses won't work for your schedule--or budget...

When you did attend a course and now want thoughts on how you're progressing...


Our video reviews are convenient, timely, and cost-effective


Perhaps you need help with a specific presentation or want some general feedback on your speaking style.

A video review can be a cost-effective, convenient tool for addressing specific speaking challenges or for ongoing improvement. 

A Buckley coach will study the clip you provide and give personalized guidance, much as we do in our seminars and private coaching sessions.

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We'll tell you:

  • What's working well for you
  • What's getting in the way
  • How to make specific changes to improve this message
  • How to improve delivery every time you speak

Our written feedback includes suggestions for:

  • Creating a more influential message for your target audience
  • Choosing the most powerful words and phrasing
  • Moving toward a speaking style that's expressive, dynamic, and controlled
  • Using eye contact, body language, and gestures that support your goals
  • Appearing more confident and professional in your delivery

Contact us to learn how we can provide video reviews for you or your team.