Executive Seminar

Make the most of your strengths and discover new ones in our public speaking course for leaders

“The Executive Seminar proved to be a defining experience personally and professionally. I approach speaking with a new sense of enthusiasm and confidence.”

– Seminar graduate, a marketing executive with Lyft 
Limited to 14 participants, the Executive Seminar is a multi-faceted communication skills class open for individual enrollment.

Executives, professionals, and policymakers have counted on Buckley public speaking training for 35 years.

You'll learn to be a more influential speaker and build greater confidence with instruction that identifies your strengths and shows you how to make the most of them.

For experienced speakers, we offer the chance to elevate presentation skills and reach new career and personal goals.

For reluctant speakers, we tap into undiscovered potential, build a foundation of confidence, and help them find their voice.

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Because every speaker is different, you also benefit from one-on-one presentation coaching that helps you apply new ideas and see success right away.

Course Features:

  • Intensive public speaking training and presentation skills coaching with on-your-feet work, immediate feedback, and individualized instruction

  • Exercises that address impromptu speaking, formal speeches, and PowerPoint presentations

  • Practice handling tough questions and thinking on your feet, through television interview and press conference simulations led by our media training pros

  • Video of your exercises–so you can see your progress and continue improving

Find the dates that are right for you and join us at our school in Camden, South Carolina!

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Executive Seminar students all smiles before their final public speaking challenge.

Our program starts Wednesday at 1pm and concludes Friday at 1pm. See our course calendar for dates.

Tuition: $3,500

Contact us to learn more or register online to reserve your seat in our popular public speaking course!

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