Business Etiquette

Polish the skills you have and unlock the secrets of the socially savvy.

In one afternoon, we'll provide you with common-sense guidelines for handling:

  • Dining etiquette for business meals
  • The dreaded work cocktail event
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Vague “business casual” dress codes
With tips and tricks for remembering the basic rules, we’ll show you that good manners are for everyone–and that learning proper business etiquette doesn’t have to be stuffy.

Our instructors draw on extensive experience - and promise to bring both expertise and a sense of humor to this course.

Offered: Tuesday afternoon prior to our Executive Seminar (see our course calendar) Please email us if you're interested in attending or want to learn more.

Tuition: $650

Please note: a minimum of three people are required for course to be scheduled; we will advise you 30 days prior if that minimum has not been met.

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