December 1, 2017

Mountains, City: Enjoying Salt Lake

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Buckley coaches Jana Daley and Jenny Maxwell were leading on-site presentation training in Salt Lake City so, travel enthusiasts that they are, they left early the morning before and used every spare moment to see the sights.

Got a few hours in the Salt Lake City area to enjoy yourself? Here are some things they discovered:

Park City and the canyons

High West Distillery and Saloon

Jenny: “Just off the main street of Park City. We had lunch here and loved it all, especially the burger.” 

Park City's School House Hotel and a Rusty Miner with a side of bacon popcorn at High West Saloon.

Washington School House Hotel

Jana: “Walk in and look around. It’s stunning, a former schoolhouse converted into an inn. Would love to stay here sometime.”

Guardsman Pass Road (closed in winter)

Jenny: “A fun, twisty drive over the mountains—views, snowy patches, and some scary curves. Easy to see why it’s closed in winter.”

Exploring Utah's great outdoors + Jenny's snow selfie on Guardsman Pass.


Jana: “Unpretentious and beautiful. I'm thinking of coming back here with the whole family to ski.”

Big Cottonwood Canyon Road

Jenny: “Amazing to finally see these golden trees and really experience what's meant by 'quaking Aspens.' Gorgeous drive, would love to spend more time here.”

Buying gear for good at Cotopaxi in downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake

Cotopaxi: Gear for Good

Jana: “Such a cool business, outdoor gear with a mission. We bought souvenir t-shirts here and got to chat with the staff about how they work.”

Crosswalk flags

Jenny: “I stopped traffic in a not-great way trying to cross the street using one of these safety flags. Love the idea but didn’t quite grasp the concept: It’s not a license to cross at will. You still have to walk with the light. Oops.”

Walking in downtown Salt Lake--orange safety flags and a red light district

Walk through history

Jenny: “Happened on this walk one morning while getting a little exercise—takes you through Salt Lake City’s history, including the red light district.

Mormon landmarks

Jana: “Of course, you can't come to Salt Lake City and not see these.” 

Eva’s Bakery

Jenny: “I confess. I was here twice a day for the awesome baked goods and charming vibe.”

Jana enjoys some 3 Pines coffee + Eva's sweet boulangerie

Three Pines Coffee

Jana: “Beautifully done. Good coffee. Great find.”

Uinta Beer

Jenny: “Lots of local beers to choose from everywhere we went, but this one was our favorite.”

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