August 1, 2017

A School for 30 Years: Collecting Stories

The Buckley Experience , Alumni , 30th Anniversary

“My frustration in watching worthy folk make blithering idiots of themselves in public moved me to found The Buckley School of Public Speaking."

– Reid Buckley

In 2018, we'll mark the 30th anniversary of the Executive Seminar in our Camden school, so we've decided to spend the next few months digging into our history, remembering some of our favorite times, and collecting the memories of Buckley students, staff, and friends.

Washington Post Columnist Kathleen Parker was once a student, then a faculty member at The Buckley School. She recalled those times and the school's magic in a piece she wrote about Reid Buckley just after his death in April 2014:

"Perhaps it was the intoxication of jasmine growing along the school’s antebellum porch. Or maybe it was the smell of hundreds of books, a fair portion of which were written by various Buckleys. Mostly, I think, it was exposure to knowledge, truth, and beauty, and delight in feeling a part of something truly special."

One of many happy memories: Reid Buckley flanked by coaches Harriet DuBose (left) and May DeLoach (right), celebrating the first day of spring in 2009 with lunch and wine to-go at Springdale Hall in Camden.

Over these 30 years, it's been our faculty's good fortune to work with thousands of people from around the world--both at our school in Camden and at their locations. If you have some bit of history to share, a memory to send our way, or a question about the school's history you'd like to have answered, we'd love to hear from you.

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