June 1, 2017

Favorite Bookstores: Quirky, Beautiful, Charming

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When book lovers around the country celebrated Independent Bookstore Day, our Buckley staff—all avid readers—started making their own lists. One by one, we’re sharing those, and if you’ve got a list of favorites you care to send us, we’d love to share that too.


It’s not that she doesn’t fancy the world’s famous bookstores. “I do, and when I get the chance, I go to them,” says Jenny Maxwell, a writer and The Buckley School’s co-director. “But there are so many bookstores to love. So for this list, I went with some others I’ve come across."

Here you go, with Jenny’s notes: 

Not your typical airport bookstore

Renaissance Book Shop

Milwaukee Airport

“I was so surprised—and suddenly hoping for a delay—when I discovered that there was a giant used bookstore in the airport. The world needs more of this!”

Jenny: "My photo doesn't do M. Judson justice."

M. Judson

130 South Main Street, Greenville, S.C.

“Wandered in here on my way to watch the SEC women’s basketball tournament in downtown Greenville. Wow, one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve been in.”

Step off the High Line at 20th Street and find 192 Books

192 Books

192 10th Avenue, New York

“Some bookstores make you want to buy every book in them and this is one. It's across the street from the High Line in Chelsea. I am totally charmed by this place. Go there every time I’m in New York. Lots of poetry and art books, and a small section of smart, quirky novels for kids. Always buy books to lug home.” 

Hooray for Books! in Old Town Alexandria

Hooray for Books!

1555 King Street, Old Town Alexandria, Va.

“Specializes in books for kids, tweens and teens—so this store is full of books I love. Plus, can’t resist the unsubtle name. Makes me want to answer the store phone for them.”

On display at Fountain Bookstore

Fountain Bookstore

1312 East Cary Street, Richmond, Va.

“Found this when stopping for coffee on a long drive to Washington, D.C. Sweet independent bookstore in downtown Richmond—and where I first discovered CeCe Bell’s wonderful I Yam a Donkey.

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