January 29, 2019

Improve your Presentations: New options for 2019

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The Buckley School is offering three new options this year to build your public speaking skills—two open-enrollment classes, plus a convenient (and economical) way to get feedback on your presentations.


Workshop Your Presentation

In this course, every speaking exercise is built around a professional presentation or speech the participant brings with them to workshop.

The goal is to improve overall speaking skills while at the same time, send participants home with a new and improved presentation they've practiced delivering with our coaches. 

"It’s a hybrid, really, of what we do in our Executive Seminar and in private coaching sessions," says Buckley director Karen Kalutz. "We’ve developed similar workshops for our on-site training clients, so we know this is a practical and helpful approach for speakers of every skill level."

Our first two-day Workshop Your Presentation is scheduled for October 23-24, 2019. You’ll find full details and online registration here.


Advanced Speaking Skills

Graduates of our Executive Seminar often tell us they want more. Advanced Speaking Skills is our answer to this frequent request.

Similar in style to that program, it provides impromptu speaking opportunities and individualized coaching for a final speaking challenge.

In addition, we’ll dig deeper into the skills the best speakers need, including:

  • Storytelling
  • Organization and influential word choice
  • Handling questions and challenges

Advanced Speaking Skills is set for September 25-27, 2109. Find more details here.


Video Reviews

Because we’ve had a number of requests, we’re now offering an easy way to get insights from a Buckley coach, whether that’s on a specific presentation or for general improvement.

All a speaker has to do is provide a video clip of a speech or a work in progress. One of our coaches will study that clip and provide personalized, written feedback to include:

  • Strengths: What’s working well for the speaker and what to build on
  • Opportunities: What could be even better
  • Direction: Specific suggestions for making the particular message and delivery stronger
  • Advice: How to elevate message and delivery in every presentation

“We’ve been offering this service on request for a while, and we hear that it’s a great tool for any number of reasons—when one of our alumni wants ongoing feedback, for example, or when a speaker doesn’t have the time for a full-on private coaching session” says Buckley director Jenny Maxwell.

Learn more here or get in touch if you’d like to find out more about video reviews and how they can help you.

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