January 2, 2018

Public Speaking in 2018: Calendar of Classes

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“I dreaded taking this class,” an executive for a large company confessed to one of our coaches. As he said it, he was grinning. He'd just delivered a lively speech in our Executive Seminar debate. “I think you just changed my life.”

It's a transformation we're excited and honored to witness again and again, because we know public speaking and presentations present hurdles for many accomplished people.

Our Executive Seminar over the last 30 years has developed a reputation for helping speakers make breakthroughs that enhance their professional and personal lives for years to come.

You'll find our 2018 course calendar here.

"Thank you for what you are doing. It’s so much more than becoming a better communicator. You’re helping people face their fears, providing encouragement, and instilling confidence."

– Followup note from that dread-filled executive

This year we’re adding extra sessions of the Executive Seminar for communication training. You'll also find new open enrollment programs we designed with our alumni in mind.

Here’s a quick look at two of those new presentation training options:

Workshop Your Presentation

Inspired by the work we do on location with our corporate clients, this two-day class lets you bring your own professional presentation for fine-tuning. On Day 1, through a series of exercises, we strengthen your message. Then on Day 2, in small groups with individualized coaching, we help you with delivery—whether that’s standing and speaking at a lectern or presenting with PowerPoint.

The goal is that you leave with a presentation you know you’ll use, better prepared than ever before.

Advanced Speaking Skills

This one is for graduates of our Executive Seminar who want more. In addition to impromptu speaking challenges, we’ll work on storytelling skills and how to field tough questions. And as in our Executive Seminar, your final speaking exercise is a team debate…with a twist that ups the ante.

It’s a great way to keep polishing and building the full range of presentation skills you need, using the methods that work so well in our Executive Seminar (including the dread bucket, if needed).


We’re also looking at additional public speaking and interviewing programs for young adults, along with other open enrollment courses. If there’s a public speaking training session you’d like to see on our calendar, we’d love to hear from you.

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