April 9, 2021

Restarting In-Person Training: We’re Ready to Welcome You

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Buckley co-director Karen Kalutz speaks during a session of the Executive Seminar at The Buckley School, pre-pandemic.

Of course, Buckley co-director Karen Kalutz is always happy to have a free doughnut, especially if the Hot Now sign is on. But there's an even sweeter benefit of widely available COVID vaccines: Those shots are making it possible for the school to welcome students back for in-person training in Camden.

It's hard to replicate the camaraderie of our seminars in online instruction, one more reason we're excited to welcome students back.

The Buckley School’s popular Executive Seminar will resume in July and enrollment is now open. Buckley coaches (all vaccinated) have already begun traveling to locations to facilitate private, in-person programs. "It’s great to be in the same room again with our students," Karen says.

For the last year, Buckley instruction and coaching has moved online—and those options will continue to be available. "We know not everyone is ready to travel right now," Karen says, "and we also know that using our services online has been effective and convenient for a lot of clients. Short courses and one-on-one coaching have been especially popular, and I expect they will continue to be."

Looking forward to seeing students again in our hallowed hall.

There's no replacing in-person instruction, though, she says. "When we have the ability to be together, there are so many subtleties we gain. If you're planning to deliver in person to an audience, being able to work on your message with other people in the room is also a huge advantage."

Karen also reassures potential students that they can register without having to worry about changing their plans. "I think we're all hoping there won't be a lot of hurdles ahead, but we also know how important it is to be flexible as the world reopens and we try to get back to normal."

Find our course calendar for 2021 here. New dates for 2022 will be added soon.

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