December 20, 2016

A Delightful Christmas List

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"3. Ladies who shop at liquor stores who are at least 80 years old dress very, very well."

– Cathy Monetti (the bell ringer on the left)

In Writing and Organizing, a class we offer prior to each Executive Seminar, we look at the many ways to put a message together. We experiment with different schemes, trying to find the one that works best for the audience and the subject matter.

Here's a fun use of one way--the list--that turned up in our Twitter feed a few days ago. It was written back in 2013 by a Buckley alum, Cathy Monetti.  She calls it "10 Things I Learned Ringing A Salvation Army Bell At The Liquor Store."

Happy holidays to you--and thank you, Cathy, for this charming story.

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