August 24, 2018

Builders, Explorers & Future Leaders: Buckley Friends Soaring

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Whenever we see good news about Buckley alum and faculty, we’re excited to pass it on. And we know our Buckley alumni enjoy keeping up with each other, too. Here are a few things that have made their way recently to our inbox.


Cox Automotive promotes presentation skills for future leaders

"So excited to see our summer interns’ presentations during intern showcase week at Cox Automotive! We’re in Indiana, Texas, California, and Vermont this week, visiting different office locations."

We were, ourselves, excited to see this on LinkedIn. Congratulations to all the interns for showcasing their presentation skills—and thumbs up to Cox Automotive for encouraging young people to build this important skill.

So glad Cox Automotive encourages their interns to make presentations--and that they posted these pics of speakers in action on LinkedIn.

Bob Earle, a senior executive with Cox Automotive’s Next Gear (who we happen to know is a public speaking enthusiast) added this comment:

"Great to see and hear these future leaders present processes that are important to them. Well done!"


FaithLife receives award for improving downtown Bellingham

"One of the best things about Bellingham is our great downtown, and preserving our historic buildings will keep it that way for years to come," said Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville on giving the 2018 Mayor’s City Center Award to Faithlife.

Rocket Donuts, Film is Truth, Mallard Ice Cream, and the FaithLife headquarters--just a few pics we took while visiting Bellingham, WA.

We couldn’t agree more—and were so happy to see Faithlife recognized for their work.

We got to experience firsthand the work Faithlife has done in downtown Bellingham, when we provided on-site training for their team a few years ago. It’s a charming town in a beautiful location north of Seattle, and Faithlife has done a lot to make and keep it that way.


Astronaut Terry Virts shares space with Beethoven

"What a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I gave a talk in Vienna in the same room where Beethoven played his fifth symphony for the first time. His performance was probably more memorable." 

Terry Virts posted this photo on Instagram. He was giving a talk in a room that once hosted one of Beethoven's most important performances.

We loved this Instagram post from Terry Virts—though we know from experience that Terry’s presentations are pretty darned memorable, too.

Terry is on a speaking tour, sharing images from his book View from Above. He’s one of our favorite speakers—and not just because he spent 200 days in space and has some amazing stories to tell.

You can find him on Instagram at @astro_terry.

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